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This is artwork related to the comic in some way! Gather 'round, admire it.

I did this picture while I was sick, and needed to take a break from making the comic. It was the first filler I had to do, preserved forever here.

Night time for the baby aliens! The normal version is 887x522 and is good for just looking at. The high resolution version is 3545x2089 pixels large, and could be cropped and resized to be a desktop! (Or cropped and resized into other things, if you like.)

The pixels used in Comic 20 are all here for you to use! Or just admire.



Fanart Kururu-ji. She comments: "This is one of the main characters. I call him Kirk, because it's easier to say." I think its really cute, and kinda sweet. To view it on Deviantart, click here..

Fanart by Damian. Too true, man. Too true.