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Live to fight another day
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I-Wanna-be-a-Marysue on 10th May 2010, 3:00 PM [edit] [delete]
Added a load bar to this comic. Tell me if it works right, i'm not good with Action Script. I copied an online tutorial to do this, in fact. But it worked fine when I tested it. I might go back and add it to my other flash comics, if it works.

Anyway, welcome to the new chapter. Sorry for the delay. Check out the new colouring. Not that different than before, but every colour has been re-done. I muted and darkened a lot of colours mostly. The comic was a bit too bright before.

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Micheal on 10th May 2010, 3:01 PM [edit] [delete]
*tap* *tap* *tap*

I have a joke for that but it's sexist. :3