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Links to comics I like

Nobody asked me to link them. And yet, I do! I am such a rebel. So, why do I link? Because I love these comics. You might too, so go check them out. Seriously do it.

Curtain Call by Nicolle Lamerichs
Extrinsic Squiggles by Ferix
Ron Planet by Craig Zobel and Matt Chapman
The People That Melt in The Rain by Carolyn Watson Dubisch and Mike Dubisch
We Could Be Happy by Johnny Lin
Wicked Stepmother by Dana Vold

Here are links to my comic. Link people here! (but only if you feel like it)

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Use them like you would any other image link. If you don't know how to make images into links, feel free to ask me. Please host these images on your own image host. If I don't have the size you want, feel free to ask!